Cleantex Pulire
Johannesburg | South Africa

CleantexPulire, the South Africa cleaning show, is an all encompassing event designed to attract the relevant sectors of your target market, a highly specialised trade exhibition focusing on the latest in cleaning technology, industrial cleaning, hygiene solutions, laundry solutions, sanitation and professional cleaning, pest management, waste management, environment management and washroom hygiene management. An increasing demand in the workplace to meet international standards of cleanliness and hygiene and the constant need to upgrade cleaning systems across multiple industries will attract visitors to CleantexPulire because it is the one event where big brands showcase their innovations and new companies introduce themselves to the market. Established in 1998, the exhibition continues to attract visitors from many industries, all provinces in South Africa, as well as from multiple other African countries. CleantexPulire provides a complete overview of the cleaning industry and guarantees knowledge transfer at the highest level. Keep track of major developments, make new contacts to exchange ideas in a neutral environment and above all allow the exhibition to assist you to generate more sales.


23 Gennaio 2015


Cleantex Pulire
Johannesburg | South Africa


Cleantex Pulire<br/>Johannesburg | South Africa

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